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    Hope What full-fingered gloves and shin/knee guards do you recommend?

    What full-fingered gloves and shin/knee guards do you recommend? I would like the glove to have straps on the end so I can get a tight fit around my wrist. Also, after getting 8 bruises on my shins and knees after a couple of rides, are shin/knee guards something that is recommended or do they feel "terrible" when you're wearing them while riding?

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    661 knee and shin are good and reasonable, there are many different model to choose from depending on your budget.

    As for the gloves, I like Fox.

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    I use MSR reflex knee guards. Answer also makes this same design but theirs are white/black. Tried the Fox titan pros and didn't like the design of the knee cup leaving top/bottom exposed. The top of these goes well up into the thigh area also.Dainese also has some called 3x. I use their elbow guards.


    For gloves I have been using cannondale ones for probably 10 yrs. But 2 I am looking at are Icon titanium ones and knox handroid (street bike use really). The Icons come in short and long writst-gauntlet.

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    What kind of riding do you do?

    There are pads for people who do XC with the occasional spill and then there are pieces of actual armor.
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    Has anyone ever used tall soccer shinguards (not those little pieces of cardboard that most european players use) for use with platform pedals? Serious question...the only drawback I see is maybe they don't go quite high enough to prevent the knee area from getting shredded up.

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    I thought about soccer shinguards when I had platforms, but I decided to keep riding with them and eventually I got comfortable to the point where I almost never hit my shins. Now I'm on clipless, problem solved...

    As far as gloves, I just ordered a set of Fox Dirtpaws from rememberdelaware.com for $18. I had been using my dad's old riding gloves but they tore apart pretty badly. From what I hear, the fox gloves should be a bit tougher.

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    Check out Fox gloves, I've washed mine quite a few times and they hold up well.
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    Tony777, the type of protective gear that would work best for you really depends on the type of riding you are (or will be) doing, as already mentioned. The images in post #3 are really intended for hard-core downhill riding.

    For lighter (cross-country) trail riding, most people don't regularly wear them. They might help during one's "learning" period, when falls are more common, but you eventually get good enough to not need them on routine rides. That doesn't mean that they're not worthwhile during that learning period though, or even after you gain experience and you'll be doing a ride that you expect might be beyond your skill level or on which you plan to take some extra risks.

    In terms of specific suggestions, I've had good luck with Fox gloves. But, it's much more important to find a good fit rather than trying to stick with any particular brand preference. The only reason I wear the pair of Fox Digit gloves that I currently do is that they were one of the rare pairs that fit my long fingers well (size XXL). And, yes, they do have velcro straps on the wrists; as do most others.

    One curious detail that might not be initially obvious to you when selecting gloves is a trade-off between finger protection and palm padding: Pretty much all gloves that feature substantial palm padding are half-finger models, and all full-finger gloves have either flimsy palm padding or almost none at all. I don't know the reason for this, and no bike store sales person that I've asked has been able to explain it to me (or was even aware of it).

    Finally, while I did say that most XC riders don't wear arm/shin guards regularly, I qualify as one of the exceptions of that. I've been wearing knee pads regularly on all rides for about a year. My aim is not so much protection from falls, but protection from hitting my knee on the handlebar (which, I've found, can be pretty injurious...) and to keep my knees warm on cold morning rides (not good for the knee joint). For that, I'd been using Six Six One Veggie Wraps until recently. The fit was "problematic", to say the least. And they had developed a stink that no amount of washing or chemical soaking could get rid of. (I blame that at least partly on their material selection.) I've recently switched to a pair of Fox Launch Pro knee pads. Boy, what a difference! The fit is first class. The fastening mechanism is first class. There's a bit more of a pinching sensation behind the knee, but it hasn't bothered me significantly so far. And no sign of any chronic stink (though they're still a bit new). If you're thinking of such lightweight XC knee pads, these would be highly recommended. (They don't provide much shin protection, though.)
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