• 11-07-2016
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    What companies can custom print lycra/skinsuits

    I r serious on this one...I have a design in mind that came from
    a K-pop video 'Hitchhiker - 11'

    and you don't have to like K-pop but

    a) as an ex-nightclub DJ I would seriously play the F out of this BTW

    b) the colors of this avatar outfit blows my mind and I want
    a skinsuit, or combo leggings and jersey to match this if possible

    the avatar with the fish head. I want DIS.

    the sleeves, the leggings, the jersey to be what this avatar has
    who can do ?

    [ yes it's for CX ]
  • 11-07-2016
    Oh My Sack!

    USA Made, Premium Quality, Road and MTB Cycling Apparel

    Right down the street from me.

    I'm guessing you're on your own with the fish, though. I don't "think" they do fish. :lol:
  • 11-07-2016
    Suarez, but I've heard they are less than responsive especially in a timely manner.
  • 11-17-2016
    My cross team got our skinsuits from Pactimo. They did a good job on the custom design, and though I think my skinsuit days are behind me I would say that it was very well made and comfortable. I think the cost was pretty reasonable as well.