Weird Helmet Fit-
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    Weird Helmet Fit

    Well my credit card was begging for mercy all day as I made a large amount of bike related purchases. When I went to pick up my bike, I also bought a helmet. The guy at the shop showed me the Bell Influx, which I took home, since it was rather comfortable.

    Now here is the problem. The helmet looks really weird on my head. It seems to be sitting too high. I got a medium, which is definitely the right size, but it seems that there is not enough helmet to cover my noggin...
    My forehead is a little big, and the helmet just looks rediculous perched up there. Its a good 4 fingers from my eyebrows unless I tilt it way forward.

    Anyone got any suggestions for a helmet that won't make me look like a tool?

    Also, while I have your attention. I got a Trek 6500 and I am trying to put Shimano M520's on it. How on earth do I get the stock pedals off? Should I just make the LBS do it?

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    Go for fit and how it looks on your head. Return the one you have, go back to your LBS and try on a few others for comfort and looks. It's your money.

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    a 15mm wrench will take your peddles off quick and easy. Just remember when removing the peddles you turn the wrench to the back of the bike and turn to the front when you put on. The left handed peddle has reverse threads so its lefty tighty and righty loosey. Really easy and shouldnt take more than a minute or two.

    I 2nd the returning of the helmet. If your not happy get rid of it and find something you will be comfortable wearing as you will be wearing it a lot.

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    Helmet fit is a priority, we all look like dorks wearing one to some extent, and impressing yourself isn't all that valuable. I have a largish head and there ain't no helmet that can help that, they all look a bit big on me or they don't fit. As far as bringing the forehead down, maybe a different type of helmet, like a skate-style helmet, might make you happier.
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