• 01-16-2014
    Fat Urkel
    Weighed: 5.10 Spitfire vs. 5.10 Freerider
    Weight both shoes, size 10.5 Both are brand new. Both are very different shoes. The The Spitfire has a flexier sole for better walking. Its more streamlined too. The Freerider is burly and has a stiff sole. Both have the Stealth rubber but the Spitfire has a smaller circular tread pattern.

    Spitfire 779g
    Freeride 1101g
  • 01-21-2014
    My buddy has the Spitfire and I own a pair of Freeriders and 2 pairs of Impact Lows.

    The Spitfires to me are a pair of casual bike shoes I'd wear around town. I wouldn't wear them on the trails as they are too flexy/lightweight.

    The Freeriders are a good low profile alternative to the more burly Impacts. I can hike-a-bike for hours comfortably in the Impacts so I don't see the issue with walking in them, but the Freeriders are not quite as stiff/bulky as the Impacts if that matters to you.
  • 01-21-2014
    Have to completely disagree with the dude above. Its all matter of opinions and like and dislike but I use the spitfires all the time out on the trail and they are awesome. I use them in an all mountain capacity and they stick to my flats like glue, they are comfortable and have all the stiffness i would want.