• 07-15-2011
    Wearing compression tights after riding to help recovery
    I'm curious if any of you have any experience wearing compression tights/or socks after longer hard rides/or races. And if so, do you feel it really aids in recovery or is it hype?

    Also, if worn in colder climate will they be as warm as say wearing regular tights? I'm curious because I'm headed to Breckenridge in 2 weeks from now and will be doing 35-40mi rides for 3days in a row and camping at night with temps possibly in the mid 40's at night. So I'm thinking of picking up a pair to help with recovery from the riding and also to keep me warm at night.
  • 07-15-2011
    I do not wear tights after doing sports for recovery. When skiing I wear CW-X supporting tights. IMO CW-X offer superior product. The ski specific model is very warm.:thumbsup:

    Check them out:

  • 07-15-2011
    +1. i defenitely feel like they add to your endurance compared to ua or nike pro.