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    Waterproof/resistant jacket or vest

    Yeah I know it's been covered and I've tried reading reviews but there are sooo many options out there. It's hard to determine what I should get.

    I ride in the Pacific NW so fall, winter and spring riding will involve rain. I have a Raceface Chute jacket that's waterproof (pretty much...has a leak now) but it's used as a daily rain jacket because I think it'll be too heavy duty for riding.

    Endura had a couple cool options although when companies say their jackets are breathable yet waterproof, I don't believe them.

    What do you guys use as a thin water resistant jacket? What about vests?? I don't really care if my arms get wet.
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    That's the thing about waterproof, it usually doesn't breath well enough to keep you dry from the inside out, at anything more than a walking pace.

    I want to try something with Polartec Neoshell, or the new Gore Active/ Shakedry material. The Gore one looks like the perfect jacket for packing down small, but it's pricey... Neoshell products may have been around long enough to find deals on it. Sugio has a cycling specific version.

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    Thin packable rainshell from OR or similar, some of the thinnest jackets and therefore some of the most breatheable. Recommend a hood in the jacket. There are even thinner non-waterproof packable jackets, but these seem to be glorified plastic bags and too thin, some don't even breathe well.
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    I wear a $7 vest with a nylon front and mesh back. Actually bought a few off eBay. Under that I wear a fleece, long sleeve top.

    For drizzle it works great. Any more water proofing than that and you'll stew in your own sweat.

    Pouring rain won't be kept out but as much as I ride in drizzle I won't ride in pouring rain anyway.

    Oh, I'd like to add...

    For a base layer I wear one of those Wally World synthetic Ts. For fleece, Wally World stuff too. All that can be had on the sale rack for like 5 to 7 bucks a shirt. Fit is sometimes funny, but I'm handy with an old sewing machine. I find that clothing works just as well as name brand stuff costing literally more than 10x as much.

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    I have a Novara jacket I got from REI. It is similar to the Novara Conversion jacket, but is an older model. It is perfect for me. Water resistant..and honestly waterproof for the most part. It is not very heavy, and actually keeps me warm as well. I wear it in the winter with a base layer and a regular t-shirt. I ride in the rain alot as well, and the jacket works great. It does not have a hood however. My helmet keeps my head covered enough.

    But, it is riding in the rain. You are gonna get wet. At least that is my mind set, so I am probably not as picky as others. I wear the jacket as an "initial shock" layer, but by the end of any wet weather ride, I am wet. As mentined, it also actually keeps me pretty warm in the winter.

    Always wear shorts when riding. In the rain, I literally just wear Champion gym shorts cause they dry out relatively quickly. In the winter - below 32* or so - I add base layer tights under the gym shorts...
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    Fellow PNW rider here. I've tried/owned several jackets over the years & find one's with a wicking layer like running wind shirts/jackets work best. They help get the moisture off you & go a long way to prevent the garbage bag sauna feel. A bonus is they add a layer of warmth for the long downhills out here as it's usually cold when it rains. Also I just don't like the restrictive feel of the rain jacket material vs a windshirt. I currently use a Marmont driclime windshirt & I'm quite happy with it. Washed about 15 times before it started to soak through a bit on rides. I'll wipe it down with nikwax & be good for another 15-20 washes. Unzip it for the climbs & works great for cold weather riding in general. Think I got mine for about $36 shipped.
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    Showers Pass Refuge Jacket. /Thread.

    Got one last year. Best jacket purchase I've made in years man. Talk about keeping you dry!! It's got vents you can open up under the arms too... it's wonderful.
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    Fellow PNW...I have been using a Patagonia Houdini ever since it came out. I now have the 2nd Gen version and find it works great for that balance of breathablity while shedding just enough rainfall to keep me comfy. I'll vary the poly & wool layers depending on temps.


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    Showers Pass Refuge...... simply best jacket ever made for bad weather and they have pants to match. They are true to size.
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