Warm pants for a big guy

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  • 10-24-2013
    Davey Wavey
    Warm pants for a big guy
    I'm fat and want to ride my mountain bike during the cold months.

    i can't seem to find any big waisted warm bicycle pants that aren't too long in the leg. The pants wouldn't need to have a chamois in it.

    i tried a couple pants at Performance Bicycle today. I can easily order a size big enough in the waist but the problem is that the legs would be about four inches too long.

    im looking for something made for big guys like me. Depending on the pants I usually need about a 42" inch waist. That's what I buy my jeans and khakis in.

    i suppose I could live with the excess inches of material bunched up on my legs but I'd rather not.

    thanks from a recently reborn biker
  • 10-29-2013
    Take them to a local drycleaner that has alterations and have them shortened
  • 10-30-2013
    Big and Tall Man Cycling Tights

    aerotech has big man's cycling tights, etc. pretty good quality too.
  • 11-01-2013
    Davey Wavey
    I came across the Aerotech folks before not realizing that they had varying inseam sizes between the clothes for fatties and normal people. Your post prompted me to take another look. Thanks
  • 11-01-2013
    Sierra Trading Post has some larger option for pants..check 'em out:

    Men's Running & Fitness Pants/Tights up to 46% off at Sierra Trading Post
  • 11-02-2013
    Im a large guy as well and found something that works well for me, down into the 20s.

    Underarmour cold gear leggings-base layer
    fleece pajama pants (yes im serious, my wife bought me avengers pjs last year, so tried the pants for insulation layer and worked well)
    jogging pants that are wind resistant (one pair I got form walmart, just need to block wind)

    worked great, 30-40deg range I loose the fleece layer, over 40 I use my MTB shorts with the underarmour and thats it.

    If your planning on riding colder than 20-25ish (your tolerance to cold pending) then get thick fleece sweatpants. Not sure how cold can go at that point cause my gloves sucked below 25-30 so I gotta get barmitts this year then Ill see how much colder I can tolerate