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    Using flats: Pins or shoes?


    This old fart needs more help. Considering a limited budget (need to equip 3 kids with bikes and buy bigger house too) which would get me more security with flats? My flat pedals included with my STP have pins cast in the pedal body, and I use a rather flat bottomed hiker/sport shoe. Would I do better to get pedals with sharper pins or shoes with sticky soles on the cheaper OEM pedals? Some other bikes I tested had removable metal pins and it seemed like the same shoes stuck to them better.

    Thank you for any advice.

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    I've had much better luck with the better pedals/same old shoes combo than newer shoes/same lower quality pedals. Also, if you're on a limited budget, it seems like pedals would be the way to go - hopefully you'd be replacing them much less often than shoes.
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    yeah, a decent set of grippy flats will stick to damn near any shoe like flypaper.....

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    Yep, don't believe the "skate shoe" BS either.

    I settled on some Merril hiking shoes w/ my Azonic A-frames and they stick just as well as those POS flapjack bottomed Vans do.

    Some tread designs may work better than others but good pedals and technique are the key. ........obviously don't wear your fine Italian loafers.
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    Yep, pedals here too.

    Skate shoes do work well, but I use hiking boots in the winter and they grip fine too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zachdank
    skate shoes rule u clownz
    I agree with zach, skater shoes are worth it. I was using some old trail running shoes and they were slipping all over the pedals because of the way the soles were designed and also thye had a plastic plate in the arch which povided 0 grip on the back of the pedal. I got some $15 vans, and they made a HUGE difference in pedal grip. I am using some decent mosh pedals.

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    A pair of Skate shoes (Vans or others) would work great.

    You can also get a set of Primo BMX pedals for 30.00 at a LBS.

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