Under Armour Golf Shorts?

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  • 03-03-2015
    Under Armour Golf Shorts?
    Anyone using these? Wondering how they feel and handle sweat during the summer rides.
  • 03-06-2015
    Under Armour Golf Shorts?
    I doubt they'd be that great on a bike. I'm a golfer and own enough golf store to start my own store and the cut of them isn't conducive to the biking position. I've got nike, Adidas, ua etc and all of them tighten up in the front when you lean over to get the ball from the cup. I would imagine being bent over pedaling would make for some epic chafing.
  • 03-07-2015
    Pearl Izumi Elite In-R-Cool Cut Shorts

    Very cool In hot weather, very durable, very comfortable,
    they move with me and don't make noise rubbing like baggies.

    Note: the customer review said the padding was in the wrong place, I guess that rider sits straight up or something, the pad was just right for me, not too thick and in the right spot.
  • 03-15-2015
    Yeah I cannot imagine they would be very comfortable riding a bike. I have several and have never thought about riding with them.
  • 03-15-2015
    Rocky Mtn
    I would assume that golf shorts would not hold up vey well in a crash