I just took my first ride with the new TLD BP 7605 shorts. I LOVED it! They felt like a good quality spandex short with a comfortable chamois. No bunching, no chaffing, no obstructed movement, fit underneath my shorts (not baggy shorts either, more XC type overshorts from Fox). They breathed nicely, they fit true to size, and I'm washing them right now for a ride tomorrow!

I bet you're wondering one thing...."Is that guy sitting in his birthday suit posting on MTBR right now?"

The answer is a resounding YES! I can't wait until I can put these shorts back on! As far as protection, I didn't dump it on tonight's ride, but the padding seems like it will, at the very least, take the sting out of hitting a tree or rock!

I picked them up on motorsport.com because they were available right now, and the guys there hooked me up! Still, they're also on jensonusa.com if you want to wait for them to get in stock.