Trouble with sizings

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  • 01-27-2015
    Trouble with sizings
    I noticed that many manufacturers make their sizing guide a mistery. They put there the size and a number which means the girth of the hand or knee or anything(given the type of product). Like M 23cm at gloves. How should I decode it? They never say that it means "up to 23 cm" or "from 23 cm".
    Maybe it's just me, but this bugs me a lot. I know, go to your lbs and try. But no lbs has the stuff I need, I can only get them from webshops..
    Does anybody have experience how these kind of sizing guides work usually? I can't be alone with this problem.
  • 01-30-2015
    You are certainly not alone but no I have no advice to give you. It sucks but it is the reality you are facing. If possible I really like to try stuff on before buying because I hate having to return stuff when I buy online and it doesn't fit at all like I thought it would.