TrailTech HID helmet mount option-
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    TrailTech HID helmet mount option

    Has anyone out there with TrailTech HID have a better helmet mount solution?

    The hook&loop that the light comes with works. I've yet to had trouble with it BUT I would REALLY like to be able to change the angle of the light on the fly.

    The way it stands now I have to just move my head up or down when needing the light farther down the trail for faster sections or long downhills.

    I've been scowering the net for swivel helmet mounts but I haven't found one yet that seems easy to attach the TrailTech light.

    Thanks for the help!!

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    So far this is the only option I've found...

    Looks like this can be modified enough to have a flat enough surface to mount the hook&loop strip and still use the swivel feature.

    What do you guys think??

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    Get one of these

    They've got a lot of products on that page...just scroll down until you see the helmet mount for 12 GBP...It would probably cost close to $40 US by the time you factor in shipping from the UK but you're pretty limited on what's out there. I searched high and low and this was all I could find.

    My buddy bought one for his Trailtech and likes it a lot. I'm probaby going to get one soon. I fashioned one out of my kid's old headlamp and it works o.k. but I need something more solid.
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