• 09-11-2017
    Gunnar Westholm
    Trail cleat shoe with roomy, straight and reinforced toebox?
    I need to replace my 5.10 VXi's that have lost both velcro strap buckles and needs regluing of the rubber. They have worked ok. But sloppy toebox, a few preassure points, sweaty but not waterproof at all. And not very protective at all from impacts with obstacle.! Losing toenails hurts!!!!
    Any suggestions on something with a last similar the Bont Riot+ Bont Cycling Shoes :: Riot but at least a bit more protected in the front.
    So in short, toe box that is not tucked/curved in behind the toe joint on the inside of the foot..

    Afak none are born with feet that looks like the majority of today's shoes, rounded off more or less symmetrical in the front.
    I got shoes from both Lems https://www.lemsshoes.com/natural-shape/ and Treksta Official Treksta Site that fits my feet just perfectly. No pressure what so ever. And I can walk and scramble very steep both up and down without having to retentioning the laces to keep the heels from chipping or toes from hitting the front.
    So far I've not seen anything Trail / Enduro worthy with a similar fit...
    Have I missed something

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  • 09-14-2017
    Find a pair of S-Works Trail's?
  • 09-14-2017
    Gunnar Westholm

    Originally Posted by NordieBoy View Post
    Find a pair of S-Works Trail's?

    I used to the higher 110 trail shoe that has 4 velcro straps. They were ok in toebox shape and just wide enough and also had a plastic reinforcement on the outside. But eventually they fell apart.
    Unfortunately it seems like the biiig S have gone in opposite direction when it comes to ergonomy. I have tried the 2FO's and they are more tucked in which the new trail modles seems to be..