I'm starting to get worried..Every time I start looking at new helmets I can't help but notice how the manufactures are making them with the vents lined up in all kinds of screwy new patterns. This makes trying to mount a torch to your helmet a lesson in improvisation. The helmet I currently use is a Bell, several years old and I've forgotten what model it is. When I bought it I just wanted a black helmet and the one I bought was on sale. I had no idea that the vents on the helmet were going to be perfect for torch mounting. My helmet has a nice center slot that is just perfect for torch mounting. Now every time I go shopping and pass by a place selling helmets I can't help but notice that few ( if any ) are made with a center slot capable of nesting a torch. This has got me worried because my helmet is getting old. Heaven help me if one of the straps or something else break on it that I can't fix. So anyway, if anyone out there knows of a particular brand/model helmet with a nice center slot ( that can still be bought ) now is the time to speak out. Posting a link or photo would be great. I figure it is best to plan ahead because you never know.. In the mean time I am guarding my current helmet like it is plated with gold.