Toddler and kids helmet recommendations-
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    Toddler and kids helmet recommendations

    I'm looking to pick up a helmet for when my daughter rides her strider bike. Any recommendations?

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    I will say I just grabbed one from Walmart, $20 and will protect her from any impact a strider could deliver.

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    I bought my daughter a Giro Rodeo (link here) to use with balance bike and scooter at 2, and she's still wearing it on her pedal bike at 4. She can be fussy about things that aren't comfortable and she's never complained about the helmet (except when I pinch her chin in the buckle). Good coverage, too. Plus the shape seems to resist getting pushed up over the forehead. Durability has been good enough.

    This is the only one I've had, so I can't say if others are better or not. Just a data point.

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    standard XC type lid (or BMX lid if it fits) works great when they first start motoring around...

    Then the lil' boogers can really start moving fast, but don't have the motor skills to control their crashes...which results in nasty chin scrapes and missing teeth.

    Once they start scooting around quickly you should switch to a FF (IME). There are several models to choose from that will fit the 3+ and older set.

    Also, on a side note - those inexpensive knee/elbow pad sets you find at Target and Walmart do absolute wonders for the multiple (and inevitable) spills your tyke will take. Keeps their joints form bruising and having stacked scrapes (which suck) short, it gives them confidence and keeps them from being scared of their bike.
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    My son used a Specialized Small Fry helmet from 18 months to about 4 1/2 years old.

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