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    Time shoes: ya or nay?

    I've seen the Time World Cup shoes in the the last few Nashbar catalogs at what looks like a screaming deal - $60 down from over $200. Theres also another Time shoe for $10 less down from $175. Is there a reason for this other than they're just outdated? Does anyone have any experience with these shoes?

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    I don't know about the actual shoes you're talking about, but I"ve been using Time cleates and pedals for some time now, and love them. I think the thing that I'd say that they have an advantage with is the lack of adjustability.....just slap them on and forget 'em.

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    I got some

    I bought a pair of the silver ones, I've seen them under a few model names. I figured, for $60, why not? I buy all my shoes on sale.

    Anyway, I was running Time ATACs at the time, and I had to do extensive trimming on the sole of the shoe to eliminate interference with the pedal body, so that they would engage cleanly. I thought this was odd, since they're Time shoes and Time pedals. Also, on one of the shoes, the cleat pocket is slightly off center, causing some interference on the side of the cleat, making it a very tight fit.

    Aside from those issues, they're reasonably comfortable, moreso than the Nike Cairns I had before these. The pull-lace is pretty slick, just don't pull too hard on the tongue, had to get mine sewn back in after a few rides. Oh yeah, they're ugly too, but cheap is better than pretty, when it comes to shoes that get abused.


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    I`ve used time shoes for the last five years or so with atacs, pretty much worn the crap out of them but they`re still good and comfy. You can bet when i`m done with them i`ll hunt a new pair down like a hound.

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    Usually the best deals are in the tinier left-over sizes.

    Almost every time you see something like a $195 shoe for under $100 it's not only an older model, but is a size 39 or some such. Not a bad deal for those little guys out there.


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