think i may need clipless-
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    think i may need clipless

    I got my first bike a few days ago and it came with combo pedals. i was happy at first because i kept thinking that i would never want to be clipped onto the pegs. but i just cant seem to keep my feet on the pegs while climbing or bunny hopping. my pedals arent the best platforms since they are a combo style they dont have much in the way of grip, and im also using some old running shoes to ride in.

    so i think since i already have the pedals, i might as well give clipless a shot.

    i noticed that most shoes dont seem to come with the actual clips. where do i get those from? my bike was used and didnt come with them.

    i have these pedals. Wellgo WPD-95B Clipless/Clip Pedals, Black/Silver: Sports & Outdoors

    any suggestions on cheap/entry level shoes? i will have to go into my LBS and check out what fits and what they have in stock.

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    Those pedals fit the ubiquitous Shimano SPD style cleats. Your LBS should have them for you.

    Sorry, no suggestions for shoes, but I've had my Answer mountain shoes for 8 years now. They've been through a lot and the soles are just now starting to come off. I'm in the market for new ones...

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    Shimano cleats should work. Shoes is another thing where trying on a few pairs is often the best thing.

    Very stiff shoes are good for pedaling but less so for walking.

    Generally, combo pedals are probably best for commuting and riding around town. For trails, either two or more sided clipless, or nasty spiky "real" flat pedals, are the way to go for ensuring you stay on your pedals.

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