Are these knockoffs, or does anyone have any experience with them?-
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    Are these knockoffs, or does anyone have any experience with them?

    Looking at a few jerseys on eBay, but the price seems awfly low. Are these knockoffs, or is it just that much cheaper becuase it is coming from China?

    pearl izumi new team cycling Jersey + Shorts S to 3XL | eBay

    Thanks for any input.

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    I far as I can tell, the product is made by Monton and is printed with everybody else's logos. I'm guessing PI did not authorize this.

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    Fake. They're so fake the seller is almost admitting that they're fake by putting such a low price on them. Also - notice that it doesn't say "authentic" anywhere on that listing. if they don't claim it is then they don't have to give refunds if people complain. "we never said authentic". ha

    It must cost at least $8-$10 to ship a big envelope from china to the states, so at most they have maybe $15-17 left after ebay and paypal fees. How could they be real?

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