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    New question here. Sweat Shop Free Helmet

    I need a new helmet, and was wondering if anyone knows of a company that builds helmets in factories less likely to use sweat shop labor. In other words, I am not a big supporter of companies that out-source to third world countries. At the moment I am looking for a cross-country mountain biking helmet (not full face), but would also consider a BMX style. In the future I will also be purchasing a full-face, so any coments about companies making them would be helpful in the future. Are there any helmets out there that meet my requirements... oh and locally produced (N.American) would be an added benefit, especially if produced by a small independant company!. Thanks in advance,


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    Check out Met Helmets. They're made in Italy, and their website has gobs of information regarding their concern for the environment and steps they take to make sure their production methods are as safe as possible. And, since they're made in Italy, it's doubtful that they're using sweatshop-type labor.

    Only downside is, they don't distribute their helmets to the US for legal reasons. (probably because lawyers and insurance companies have destroyed the ethics of the US.) But, you can mail order one from a few shops in England.


    good luck.


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    MET and Selev -- why aren't they sold in the USA?

    I'm familiar with MET helmets because of seeing them in Japan. My helmet is made by another Italian company, Selev and they don't seem to sell this brand back here in the USA either. MET makes some very cool designs by the way, very Italian.

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    Met helmets can alos be had in Australia...
    Is one place I know who does them

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