So I work at an outdoor center with a large mountain bike rental fleet. We include a helmet with our bike rentals but since I've been put in charge of the program I've had a very hard time finding a model that holds up well to rental abuse.

We currently use Pro-Tec style bike helmets with an ABS outer shell. The main issues we have are the shell coming apart from the EPS foam and the inner padding coming off of the helmet. Other issues are that the foam padding stays wet for an extended period of time and that the buckles fall off.

I figured I'd check here and see if anyone had any good suggestions. Here's what I'm looking for.

-CPSC certified (of course)
-Hard ABS shell
-Non absorbent/quick drying padding
-Durable construction (Padding attached securely to the helmet, eps attached securely to the hard shell)
-Multiple colors, so we can color code for sizing
-Economical(ish) pricing

Let me know what you think!