Suggestions for sub 30-50 degree rides....-
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    Suggestions for sub 30-50 degree rides....

    Anything above 50 degrees is usually warm enough for me to ride in shorts if I keep moving (i hate the cold with a passion by the way), but its supposed to be a high of 43 here tommorow and I really need to go ride (stressful week to say the least). Only long pants I have are jeans and Id really rather not ride in them. Is there anything specific you guys suggest for cold weather riding? Perhaps something I could pick up at a sporting goods store like academy?
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    when it's that cold, i normally use knickers.

    depending on the hi temp I anticipate when i'm out, i either where knickers over liners or if it's gonna be really cold, knickers over wool kickers(tight).

    i use a compression type under armour LS shirt and a SS jersey for most rides. if it's gonna be in 40 - 50 range, i'll throw on the LS wool instead of the SS synthetic.

    wool socks all the time.

    i need better gloves though.

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    when its in that range, I still wear shorts just throw on a underarmor longsleeve shirt everything else is the same. after about ten minutes Im producing enough body heat to keep me warm

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    You can also get a pair of ski socks, knee high, and shorts. For me it's a compression base, a cold gear type second layer and maybe a vest, fleece vest if it's that cold. And the above mentioned shorts and knee high socks. I tend to overheat easily, so if it gets to that point, I roll down the socks for some ventilation.

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    30-50 is a wide range. Some adjustments underway would be necessary for me as the temps change.

    Anyway, did a 4-5 hour ride in constant 35 degrees the other day:

    Liner socks, wool
    Big socks, wool
    Long johns, wool
    Knee pads
    Synthetic shorts
    Poly-pro LS netting under shirt
    Wool LS shirt
    Jersey LS
    Skull cap

    Wind breaker
    Dry gloves
    Dry wool LS shirt

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    I use a light base layer pant under bib shorts or knickers (bib tends to keep pad in place). Ive paid as little as 10.00 for the base layer. Warm gear type baselayer the a lite sippered shirt. UA lightweight socks under North Wave Farenheit shoes. Ridden at around 30 degress comfortably. If windy Ill throw on a windbreaker style vest under the shirt Craft cold weather gloves

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    Leg warmers with something to break the wind (IE. knee/shin pads), good thick wool or coolmax (or other performance fabric) socks, some overboots for your shoes or some winter specific shoes, especially if there's any chance of moisture, some sort of wind blocking glove with a liner underneath, 2 head sock thingees like Buff headwear: one for your nose, mouth, ears, and neck; one for your head, a long sleeve shirt/jersey, or arm warmers and a short sleeve one, and a wind breaking jacket shell that you can take off and stuff somewhere to carry it easier.

    It's all about adding that protective layer on the outside to cut chilling winds and adding just a slight bit of insulation underneath that's breathable enough.

    For wet weather, adjust accordingly with waterproof + wind resistant outer and quick drying inner to account for the humidity.

    As the saying goes, there's no bad weather, just bad gear (or something like that).

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