Specialized Taho Shoes

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  • 08-21-2009
    Specialized Taho Shoes
    I think this is probably a dumb question, but I'm a new mountain biker, so forgive me.

    I was looking at some Specialized Taho mountain biking shoes. On the website, they say they are clipless. I go to the store and I don't see the clips on the bottom of the shoe. There's a squarish piece of rubber where I would assume the clips should be. Is this removeable or are these shoes not clipless.

  • 08-22-2009
    The cleats bolt onto the shoe and they usually come with what ever set of pedals you buy or they can be bought seperately.....just make sure you get the right set if you allready have pedals...(shimano, Time, Crank bros ect)
  • 08-22-2009
    Truckee Trash
    There is usually a removable rubber piece that is semi stuck over the cleat attachment.