• 02-24-2007
    Specialized Comp Or Sport Shoes?
    This are going to be my first cycling shoes. The "sport" are simple and as far as i know, are good. The "comp" looks aaaaaawwwwweeessssssooooommmeeeeee but I'm worried about two things: 1. the "buckle system" (it's not sheap and is hard to find even in the states---i'm not in the states----)), and 2. about the desing of the sole (this thing whith triangular shape, it looks slippery--but cool--). Higher end specialized shoes like de expert, the pro, the s-works, don't have this desing, i wondering why?. Some information please..................are the extracost justified???????
  • 02-26-2007
    I have Carbon Comp's and I love them. I've really only ridden Diadora's before this but the Specialized are much lighter and more comfortable.
  • 02-26-2007
    I've got the Sport's. I liked the original pair enough that I got another as my old ones wore out (just the bottom rubber parts). I like having the velcro instead of the buckle. I don't have to worry about anything breaking or getting lost. Plus, mid ride adjustments are incredibly easy.