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    Specialized 2FO Cliplite Compatability with Crankbrothers Mallet E Pedals?

    I've been a long time SPD user. For the past 3 seasons I've been using a first generation Specialized Rime shoe with the M520 and then the M785 XT Trail pedal without any issues.

    Yesterday I made the switch to Crankbrothers and I also replaced my Rimes with the new 2FO Cliplite since the Rimes are worn out. Since the change, I'm having issues releasing from the pedal. There seems to be a lot more friction between the shoe and pedal, you can actually hear the rubber squeaking against the pedal sometimes.

    Now, I've done the obvious, screwed down the pins into the pedal and installed the shim under the cleat to space it out a bit further from the shoe, but I'm still having issues.

    My guess is that this is a combination of the stickier rubber on the soles (the Slipknot rubber on the 2FOs is definitely stickier than the Vibram on the Rimes) and the increases surface area contact on the pedal.

    Has any one else run this combination and have had the same issues I'm having? What did you do to resolve it?

    Right now I'm thinking of either buying a set of cleats and using the shims that come with them to add a second shim under each cleat or removing the plastic traction pads that go on either side of the spring mechanism. They might be contributing to the friction the most since they have a raised textured patterns to them. I think I could either filed them down or just remove them completely.

    I'm also hoping the more I use the combination they will wear against each other a bit and make it easier to get out. I had 5 or 6 awkward, slow clipped in falls that I haven't had since I first tried clips. Luckily I wasn't on anything technical so it wasn't too bad, but I do want to figures this out so I can have full confidence in being able to get out if I need to on rockier, more technical terrain.

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    The traction pads come in different thicknesses to allow you to tune the release based on the tread (or wear of the tread) on your shoes. It's possible that new shoes might need zero pads (or that the action of the CB pedals just isn't as natural for you as your old Shimano's).

    I have a question about the shoes. I've always been a fan of the shape of Specialized's shoes, recently I got some Rime's and found that they are narrower in the forefoot that previous models. I didn't notice in the store but having tried a few rides with different insoles, I just can't wear them :-(. Are the 2F0's wider across the forefoot.
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    Same combo, same problem. The extra shim under the cleat does the trick. I have 2 shims and release is perfect now. I left the stock traction pads, and actually lengthened the pins since they didn't contact the shoe at all. I also moved my cleats a couple mm frontward (from fully back), which provides just a little extra leverage for releasing.

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