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    Sidi shoes


    Im have never ridden clipless pedals and am looking to get some shoes. I have heard great things about sidi shoes but are they really that great? The model i would get is the bullet 2. If you have any opinions on sidi shoes and on that particular model please share them. and if you have any recommendations for pedals that woud be great to.


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    I say get them, I have been using mine for five years now, and I have nothing but good things to say about them. The only thing which is a complaint for them, is that the soles on them are really hard, so they aren't the most fun in wet rocky conditions. There has been many times I had to put my foot out on something, and the hard sidi soles almost got the best of me. I also suggest getting them from, as the sidi's carry a lifetime warranty through them. I am on my third set of sidis and I didn't pay a dime for the replacement, very good cs if you ask me. I also have the dominator, which i think is better than the bullet, but the power transfer you get out of them is worth every penny.

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    they're good, but carry the price normally.
    Spd's are where i started, not more than a month, or two ago, and still getting the process down.

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    The fit of a Sidi (and many Italian shoes in general) can be awesome, the sole and lugs for rocky terrain not so much, they're more geared for racers who don't need to get out of their pedals (not to mention they're damn expensive). Personally the upper range of Sidis are far better shoes than the lower ones, too (have owned both road and mountain shoes throughout the range). Personally for a mountain bike shoe I really like my Lake MX165s these days...
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    i've been wearing my sidi's for more than six months, and i can tell you that they are absolutely phenomenal shoes

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    Over the years I've had a few pairs of Sidi's and others. As BikinFool said the Sidi's are bit like a road shoe with a different sole. My last pair of Sidi's was the road Genius 2 and they were good for a few seasons. The stitching held up well but again, it was a road shoe. I'm currently wearing a pair of Nikes. I forget which model they are. # seasons of MTB and one of cyclocross and they're holding up well as my primary off road shoe.

    One thing about the Sidi's, I remember them running a bit narrow compared to Shimano or older Nike models. I don't know if that's the case, but the lasts the shoes are made on will effect how they fit your foot.
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    I just ordered the dominatior 5 and a pair of time atac xs carbons from Shoes $150, pedals $99. You won't find a better price. I've looked for almost a year.

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    As with most things mtb...

    Shoes and a proper fit really are a personal choice. With that said, my opinion of Sidi:

    1. They're very durable. You should be able to get several years of riding out of them.
    2. They're made of synthetic materials, so they're less likely to rot.
    3. The buckles are the least durable part of the shoe and you can replace them for $20/pair.
    4. They're very comfortable to ride in but very uncomfortable to walk in.

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    I recently bought a pair of Sidi Dominators, and I'm kinda regretting it... mainly because they were so expensive. I paid $199 at Performance.

    I had never ridden clipless before either, and I'm finding it's a bit trickier than I expected. So I keep putting the platforms back on, and the Sidis sit in a box! I wish now I would have purchased a less expensive entry-level shoe until I knew for certain I was gonna stick with clipless.

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    These are the most comfortable shoes I have had. I payed a pretty penny for them, but I fell it was worth it! Here are some pics!

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    Do they fit you? (to the OP)

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