Hey there,

Looking for some MTB shops that have a pretty good selection of riding apparel, anywhere in the bay area San Fran, or the LA area (north more so than anywhere else), or anywhere along or near the I5 between them. Basically, I'm at the end of a trip over here from Australia, and while at Whistler I was amazed at how well stocked the bike shops were in terms of apparel. Not sure of what else I'd find in my travels, I held back from going too crazy there, but subsequently haven't found any shops as good as the ones there.

So ive got most of a bike bag ready to fill with gear, and now just need to find it. Been to a few Mikes Bikes (Berk and in San Fran) but not really much in the way of MTB gear there.

If anyone's been to Whistler, I'd like to find places as well stocked as Garb Bike & Bean, for example. Jenson in Corona is on my list so far.


Np.s. I've found the bike store review section on here, but it mostly discusses servicing and actual bikes, as opposed to apparel.