Shoes for W I D E feet.-
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    Shoes for W I D E feet.

    My feet are wide like scuba flippers (E or EE width measurement)

    I bought some Sidi Mega’s 6 years ago. What I have found is that Sidi just puts more material around the same sole/footbed that they use for all of their shoes. The edges of my feet fall over the sides of the soles.
    They work OK for rides up to 2 hours but beyond that my feet go numb.

    Is there a shoe out there that actually has a different wider sole/footbed for a wider version of their cycling shoe?

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    Well, Shimano does have a slightly wider footbed for their wide clipless shoes, but it's still basically a D width with more volume. I have the same issue as you mention with my M088s. I am also a EE and my left foot is borderline EEE and I don't wear thick socks. I wear either cycling socks or Hanes sock liners. Always wondered about the Sidi but have never wanted to spend that much. I hear good things about Lake, but have yet to find the right one. Same thing with Scott. I've seen the footbed and it looks like it will accommodate a wider foot more comfortably, but will still have overhang. Also, the BOA system could be nice, but I like laces or velcro so I can fine tune the fit in specific areas of my foot. The Giro Privateer seems good, but the foot bed is again narrower than my foot. Roadies can get shoes made for their feet but I've yet to see anything like that for the mtb crowd and it's also cost prohibitive. I'm curious to hear what others have to say about it. It seems there are many with wide feet who would like to ride clipless but stay with flats since they can't find comfortable shoes. It also appears that some of us ride what we have and try to keep the complaints to a minimum by telling ourselves that clipless makes other aspects of the ride better.
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    Specialized makes legitimate wide sizes. I have also had good experiences with pearl Izumi project 1 shoes. They have mesh that conforms to my feet well.

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    Lake. I have slightly wide feet. I was in Giro Privateer HV and they were still a little narrow. Just got a pair of Lake MX237 in their standard size and they are wider than Giro HV and fit my foot perfectly. Their wide should be pretty wide. In fact...I have a wide pair of Lake road shoes and they are too wide for my feet. Might be worth a look. As a bonus...the upper is real leather to further conform to your foot over time. The soles of the wide shoe are actually wider as well...not just a little extra upper material added to the same footbed to add some volume. It's a truly wider shoe. There should be about a 15mm difference between the standard and wide...according to Lake. I can take pics comparing if you want.
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