• 11-08-2016
    Shoes : Giro Terraduro vs. Sidi SD 15

    I'm currently choosing a new pair of MTB shoes and I'm particularely interested in "hike-a-bike" or enduro-style shoes. I ride normally XC/trail, but sometimes need to walk and carry my bike or cross small rivers. So I need grippy-semiflex-walkable shoes.

    I selected 2 models that are apprently the best in this category :

    - Giro Terraduro
    - Sidi SD 15

    I read a lot of excellent reviews on the Terraduro, albeit the famous delamination problem (which has apparently being solved from mid-2015 models). I only found little information or reviews on the Sidi SD 15, as it's a newer model. The Sidi Epic (which is actually pretty much the same as the SD 15 but with laces) also had some good reviews.

    Did anybody test those 2 models ? I only had laces shoes so far, so I don't know which buckling system is the best and more durable.

    Terraduro is priced 179 $ and SD 15 159$. Hard to decide.

    Any advise would be appreciated.
  • 11-10-2016
    I haven't compared the two but I have been riding with the Terraduros since the Spring. I have had no issues with delamination and I like the buckling system which is similar to what I had before on my Shimano MO88s and I've never had any issues with the buckles' durability.

    My feet are just shy of being considered wide (E) and there is plenty of width. The 48s fit my size 13 feet perfectly.
  • 11-10-2016
    I'd be interested to know if the sidi sd15s and Epics are as narrow as normal Sidis... my stupid tiny feet swim in most "enduro" style shoes.
  • 11-11-2016
    I really like the boa closure. I've had a pair of specialized rimes for a few seasons now and love them. Only drawback was they were canted outward and I had to correct that with footbeds. No biggie.
  • 11-11-2016
    Honda Guy
    Don't know about the Sidi SD15s but a friend of mine who's an A level collegiate rider really likes the Terraduros. His only complaint is that the outers wear a little too fast, but then again, he rides almost daily.
  • 11-11-2016
    I'm having a bit of a shoe crisis right now. Can't seem to find a size/model that's comfortable. But I've been riding in Terraduros for a couple of seasons and they're a solid choice. I bought a pair of SD-15s last spring to try-the upper is very soft and pliable and the sole is made of softer, grippier stuff than Sidi's typical hard plastic. The SIDI overall is not as walkable as the Terraduro, though. It's sole is too inflexible and the upper is so soft and gives so much that there was quite a bit of heel lift and not much support or protection. They both pedal fine at least. As much as I liked the Boa-style closure on the SD-15, I'd have to give the nod to the Giros for a better overall functional shoe...