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    New question here. Shoes for flat's

    I'v been looking for some bmx type shoes for using with flat's. I'm not finding much on line with the normal outlets. Any ideas where to look? Tell me what brand you think is best and why.

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    I've been using an older pair of Van's for a while now. The sole is kind of a recessed diamond/waffle that's very flat and very gummy. They grip the spikes on my pedals very well. Also, the sole is very regular (no grooves or designs or whatever in it) which I think helps. Make sure you get ones with gummy soles though as I have an newer pair of Vans that has a pretty hard sole and slips off quite a bit (I have the scars to prove it). You might try an outlet mall or something.
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    2,413 Everything you'll need my man. I think there are a couple other BMX sites like Staff BMX but Dans is prett comprehensive. On another note though, your local skate shop probably has the same selection and comparable pricing. I just got some new Osiris Daze locally and spent less than mail order. Great shoe for riding btw since they are all leather (not the suede/nubuck) stuff that gets ratty really fast. Etnies is another good brand for riding. DC's tend to get trashed fast and DVS are expensive. Vans are great and can usually be found at outlet shoe shops like Payless for real cheap.

    Just some thoughts. Good luck.
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    You could try looking at cheap department stores. ..You basically want bmx or skate shoes w/ gummy bottoms, shallow tread, and no arch. When I had flats I tried 661 dually's (good shoe, has ankle protection which is a plus), and while waiting for these to arrive in the mail I went to Kmart and bought a $10 skate shoe. I ended up liking the $10 skate shoe more than the $80 661's.

    This is only my opinion but I liked having shoes that flexed easily while on flats. It was easier to use body english.
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