Is it the Shoes?

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  • 07-18-2008
    Johnny Drama
    Is it the Shoes?
    So I am commuting to work and have shimano pedals that are flat on one side for regular shoes and clips on the other. I decided to give the whole shoes with clips things a try.

    Knocked 7 minutes off my 7 mile commute here in hilly Denver. My legs aren't as tired.

    Is it the shoes?

  • 07-18-2008
    Actually, it is the shoes. When your clipped in, you get a full 360 degree range of energy transfer as you're not only pushing down on the pedals but pulling up as well.
  • 07-18-2008
    rodar y rodar
    My vote:
    Part shoes, part placebo. I do feel better/stronger/faster while I`m clipped in, but seven minutes faster on a seven mile trip? Sounds like a lot to me.
  • 07-19-2008
    On my 9 mile commute 7 minutes is the difference between a perfect crisp day with no luggage pushing for the fastest time and a horrid, traffic ridden wet day with no brakes or energy.
    Sure the shoes help but not that much ;)
  • 08-01-2008

    hilly Denver
    Your also getting the better fit and much stiffer sole. Happy riders ride faster.