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    Most people I talk to seem to agree that Sidi Dominators are the best shoes around. The price is out of my range but my question is, would a used pair on ebay be better than a new pair of Specialized Comp, which also have the two strap and buckle setup. Any thoughts?


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    The bottom line is that you should buy a pair of shoes that fits you feet the best. Try on as many models as you can, and then make your decision. No point in buying something “high end” that doesn’t fit quiet right.

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    I would avoid used shoes unless they are in great shape. Also I would avoid any shoe that you can't either try on before you buy or that has a bad return policy (ebay).

    I have Sidi rampas. They are much more afordable. But most important Sidi's fit my feet like a glove. I had Answer shoes and they always pinched my toes. The fit is by far the most important aspect. You should not think about your shoes when you are riding.

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    the specialized are pretty nice I am planning on getting a pair next week for father's day. they fit me quite well.The sidi's are very expensive, but supposedly last quite awhile. Unfortunatley no one carries them around here so i can't try them on. I guess it really comes down to fit.If it is inexpensive but hurts when you ride you wasted you cash. I would be leary about any mail order if I could try the same shoe on in a store.
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    They just had a Sidi Dominator vs. Specialized thread on our club board. A shop owner was giving them the thumbs-up. I'd link to it but it got kind of outa hand when someone started suggesting that the shop-owner's comments were completely invalid since he sells them (his shop sells Sidi, as well, btw).

    Anyhow, he was saying that they were good quality, nice stiff sole and better for wide feet and a lot less cash than the Sidi's...

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