• 09-30-2013
    Shoe for Flats; yeah I know 5.10
    I am about to pull the trigger on buying a good pair of riding shoes. I realize that everyone loves 5.10 and that they are a wonderful shoe. But I was wondering if there are any other brands out there that are worth looking at. At the risk of spending a little more by buying local I would like to go try them on. Size issues don't you know. Slim
  • 09-30-2013
  • 09-30-2013
    vans gravel. fits like a rowley. hit up a vans store to compare. not sure on the slim fit though but definitely worth a look. not as stiff as a 5.10 last but very comfy and not as sticky. Plenty of 5.10 options to choose from. Shimano AM-40s & Teva Links might work as well.

    if it's a long pedally day where you gotta earn the downs the 5.10s stiffer last may feel better for support with their impact model. the vans are really light and do well with comfort. hope that helps..
  • 09-30-2013
    Sombrio Shazam, like them better then the five ten freeriders I had before.