SETTE Epic shoes? Good-bad?-
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    SETTE Epic shoes? Good-bad?

    Looking to purchase a new pair in the very near future (today) and wanted ya'lls opinions on the Epics. All the reviews seem to be up to par, but Id like to hear from some others. I go through shoes very fast and can not justify spending 230 bucks for another pair of Sidi's that will last me a year at the most.

    Hopefully the soles are pretty stiff and they will last awhile to get my 100 bucks outta them.


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    they're good

    i'm going on two years with my sette shoes and i've put them through walking through creeks and hike-a-bikes etc and i don't have a single complaint. i'm with you, i will have a tough time ever spending more than $100 after my good luck with these. when they do wear out i will seriously consider them again.

    and yes, i found the soles stiff and durable, i see very little wear after two years. i think you'll be satisfied. the only thing i did to modify them was i purchased a gel insole, the provided foam one was super thin.

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    I had a great time with mine...i don't use them anymore because I've been trying more free ride type stuff and like the "security" of not being attached to my bike

    But when I did use them they were great: stiff, durable, cheap. Who cares if they're not sidi if they work better and cost less?
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    I'll tell ya.

    Who cares if they're not sidi if they work better and cost less?[/QUOTE]

    The guys that own the Sidi's would care.......I had a long post going a long time ago when I mentioned that you have to be nuts to spend upward of $200 for shoes. Boy did I get blasted by guys trying to defend their purchase. ALL of them said that it was worth it because their Sidi's lasted for 5 years:rolleyes

    Wonder what they would have to say now.

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