seca beam pattern- better on bars or helmet?-
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    seca beam pattern- better on bars or helmet?

    or either? discuss please

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    In my opinion, helmet mounting only works properly if it's used to augment a brighter bar light. The reason for this is that a helmet mounted light puts the source too close to the eyes, which in turn results in a lack of discernable shadows and therefore very little "surface definition." The end result is what feels to me like a "snow blindness" effect, where you have light on the ground in front of you, but it's difficult to actually "see" what the surface is like.

    A bar mounted light, on the other hand, creates shadows that allow you to see the geography of the trail surface.

    I would therefore always recommend that a "main" light like a Seca be used on the bars, with a less-bright second light on the helmet. If only using a single light, I would ALWAYS recommend bar mounting. The only time I'd recommend a Seca on a helmet is if you had another one (or an equivalent light) already mounted on the bars, and even then I'd recommend reducing the level of the helmet light so that it was not as bright as the bar light. This gives you light wherever you point your head, but still gives you the surface definition you need to really "see" the surface of the trail.


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    Also, the Seca's helmet mount is pretty lame in my opinion. It slips, and the light itself sticks up pretty high so you can hook your $400+ headlight on stuff. That said, the beam pattern itself worked pretty well as a helmet light when I tried it.

    My current helmet (Giro E2) has a center rib, so I just strapped the Seca directly to that using its handlebar-mounting strap, bypassing the slippage issue. But the majority of helmets have vents up the center, not a rib.

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