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    road helmets

    just wondering who rides xc with them and what would be a advantage (other then weight) to them or disadvantage?
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    I wasn't aware there was a difference. My Specialized I think is a road helmet but it did come with a clip on visor. I think paying more than $100 for a helmet blurrs the line significantly when it comes to being safer for road or off road use. At that point it is just a very safe and very pricey helmet, with safety being relative.
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    I use a "Road" helmet because I already had it and didn't want to shell out for a new "mtb" helmet right now.

    I've just gotten back into mtb. so I haven't really noticed a difference. Once I find myself ridging off road a lot, I'll get a new helmet, just so I have one that I can get beat up off road, and one for the road bike.

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    yeah just take a visor off and you have a road helmet--

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    I have a mtb helmet.. when I get a road bike I plan on using it for everything. Why spend the cash on a second helmet if they all do the same job? If a bike snob shuns me I could care less!!!!
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    the only reason i have a "mtb" helmet is that my road helmet is an atmos and the vents are so freakin huge i didnt think it would be very good protection on irregular (ie: pointy rocks and branches and such) surfaces so i picked up a hex on sale for the higher degree of actual head coverage.

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    Helmets for road are designed different then for mtb. On road average speed is around 40km/h while on mtb this is almost highest speed and uphills with 7-10km/h are nothing so special. So this means there's completely different airflow needed when you are cruising around with 50 or 60km/h or with 10km/h. Therefore most of mtb helmets have "holes" on top back of helmet too so that heat can get out on those slow uphills, while road helmets normally don't have this since speed even on bad uphills is always way over 20km/h and there's enough airflow to "take" heat out through back holes.
    But as always, this is not always rule. When few years back, Met put out 5th element almost whole Gerolsteiner protour team was riding with 5th element and not with Stradivarius, which was, at that time, Met's top road helmet.

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