Roach Rally FR vs. DH armor-
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    Roach Rally FR vs. DH armor

    Iím considering either the Roach Rally FR or DH armor. Although I donít really do any real downhill riding Iím looking for the most protection with the least amount of constriction. By looking at the pads on the Roachís website the DH look to provide the most protection and donít appear to be any more constricting then the FR pads. Iím not too concerned about the heat factor, any pad is going to be hot in the middle of the summer here in Illinois.

    Has anyone tried both these pads who could give me a good comparison?

    Thanks for any help.

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    I use the FRs and love them. They offer more than enough protection for me. I think the only real differnce between the two is slightly thicker padding in the DH's and a lycra or light nylon wrap around the back of the leg. It seems to me like they would be too hot.

    I dont think you can really go wrong either way.

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    The Dh pads are not that much hotter at all. I love the mesh in the prevents the pedal swinging around and biting your calf...I would get the DH pads
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    The plastic is the same on both pads.

    The FR has really soft, spongy padding. It's more comfortable to wear than the FR, which is important if you pedal a lot, but it's possible to blow through the padding and ding your knee if you hit a rock really hard. I did this once on Amasa Back, though it's still about a million times better than not having pads.

    The DH has tougher, molded padding, and the pads go further around your leg. It'll provide more protection, but may chafe your legs if you're pedaling uphill a lot, and will be a little bit hotter.

    I bought the FR because of the comfort factor. If pads aren't comfortable, you'll find reasons not to wear them, and then they don't do any good at all. But everyone's knees and elbows are different, so it's best to try them on first.

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    i have the FR version because i didnt like the dh... they wherent as comfortable. i hit a tree going 35 km/s last week and went to a dead stop leg first lol and they where awsome no pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    i love the DH version... they saved my leg in a bad accident at kenter. i swear by ROACH!

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    I bought the DH pads after ripping up the backs of my calves on a north shore day that involved some hiking.

    If you do any hike-a-bike to reach out-of-bounds trails, the DH versions are killer for protecting the backs of your calves when pushing with flesh-eating flat pedals.

    The DH pads seemed pretty restrictive when i first tried them on, but surprisingly they are great when pedalling. the mesh doesn't get too hot, at least for FR use.

    I have some cheap fox pads l use for rides with lots of climbing, XC rides with stunts, etc. smaller& lighter and they fit in my camelback. having two sets of pads is great. Love both.

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