• 06-05-2017
    Christopher Robin
    RF Ambush vs. TLD Raid knee pads
    Currently have RF Ambush knee pads. They're ok. They're hot but do the trick. I had to modify them to get the 3do pad to hug my knee so they aren't perfect. Last season I had a spill where the knee pad was knocked down my knee to my shin. Better that than having my knee cap destroyed.

    I'm eyeballing the new TLD Raid knees. Anyone have them or make the switch from the RF Ambush pads?
  • 02-25-2018
    wow i have the same actual question. have had the raceface ambush knee pads and they have saved me on more than one occassion; they did slide out of place BUT AFTER the spill, which makes them effective in my eyes. Just place them back to the pre spill position and off you go :)

    however, i noticed that the velcro has stretched now and even though it still does its job, i feel that it could be secured better.

    now looking at the tld raid, it does not offer the same convenience of the
    rf ambush (ambush you can wear it without taking off your shoes) but the comfort and fit (according to the reviews) has me sitting up and taking notice.

    would appreciate it if somebody could chime in with actual experience!

    #longwinded #sorry
  • 03-01-2018
    I donít own RF Ambush knee pads but I do have the elbow ones and often ride in TLD Raid knee pads.

    I like Raid pads. The sizing isnít ideal. Iím between the XS/S and M/L and ride with the larger size. They stay in place well enough but feel bulkier than I would like. The materials are also soft which helps with comfort but not durability (fabric is torn in several spots from falling and Velcro is pilling other areas).

    That said, I like them and can wear them easily on long rides. If I didnít own them already (and several other pairs) I would try the Leatt 3DF 6.0 knee first before buying the Raid again.

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