I bought them few months ago on sale in a cycling shop I know. It still took me some time to move from my old leather gloves to the "TREK Downhill" (that is the name of the model). I couldn't find them in any web shop besides this British shop.

I am not sure what makes a pair of gloves become a "downhill" pair of gloves, besides a big patch on the upper side saying "COURAGE!", which the TREK gloves don't have.

Two weeks after I started using them I felt pain in my right wrist and lower right arm (still feeling it...) so I decided to write a detailed review on those gloves.

The following are the highlights of what I found.

First the pros:
  • The gloves look great, they really do.
  • The gloves are sturdy and will certainly protect you in the moment you will really need them.
  • Parts of the thumb and wrist of the glove are covered with towel-like cloth for wiping away sweat and tears from your face.
  • The gloves have an easy to use tightening strap around the wrist.
  • The gloves are fairly well ventilated. Iíve seen better ventilation but not with such a sturdy glove.

And then the cons:

  • Some inner glove parts stick out and create pressure points on your skin.
  • Plastic parts that should protect the knuckles is located too low Ė misses its purpose.
  • The two silicone gripper fingertips built for better breaking control are a bit too sticky Ė sometimes they get stuck on things you didnít mean them to.
  • The Kevlar crash pads backed with memory foam are located in the wrong place Ė when I ride my palm gets most of the pressure in a spot that is not padded.

The TREK Downhill glove in detail (from left to right): 1. The towel like cloth for wiping sweat. 2. The Velcro strapping for holding the glove in place. 3. Pull handle for easier wearing of the glove. 4. Kevlar crash pads backed with memory foam. 5. Kevlar crash pads. 7. Ventilation holes. 8. Silicone gripper fingertips for braking control.

Should we make this into an extensive post about cycling gloves?

  1. Did you ever use a TREK pair of gloves? (they seem rare to me and I always thought that Bontrager produces accessories for TREK).
  2. If you had any, how did you like them?
  3. What are your favorite gloves and why? (+add a line about what style you ride...).

Hope you will enjoy the review!