• 02-24-2014
    Review: Club Ride for mtn biking
    I was back in the US recently and stopped by a nice bike shop in Greensboro, NC (Revolution Cycles). While speaking w/ the owner, he showed me the Mountain Surf Shorts. Tried them on and instantly disregarded the price tag because of their awesome fit and comfort. Basically, I love mountain biking, but I'm not a huge fan emulating the look of WC downhillers or freeriders w/ neon jerseys and huge logos. I don't think it's a bad thing to look like a regular person on a bike while still being able to tear it up on dirt.

    Back to the shorts . . . . I'm 5'11", and a slim 185 pounds. I find it very difficult to find shorts and shirts that are slim cut enough for my preferences. These shorts (size medium) came down to maybe 1-2" above my knee - perfect as I don't need shorts covering my knees, and were a trim fit through the thighs. Not too snug, but not baggy! The waist was a tad large for me (I'm guessing it will fit up to a 33" or 34" waist) so I wear a belt w/ the shorts. The material is very stretchy, and I'm happy w/ the design. I've worn them on multiple rides, and haven't had any issues w/ them hanging up on the saddle, plus their very comfortable to hike a bike or whatever in.

    After buying the shorts, I ended up on the Club Ride website and decided to try a few of the shirts. I went with the Vibe as it is one of the only "sport fit" shirts they have (the others being regular fit). I went with a medium, and was somewhat apprehensive about the fit. Medium shirts tend to fit me well around my torso, but will be short in the arms and at the waist. Well this jersey is pretty much spot on. The arms don't come all the way down to my elbow, but sit just above (and comfortably fit over the g-form pads I wear), and the waist line goes down below the beltline - so it looks like I'm wearing a somewhat regular shirt! The material on the jersey is not stretchy like the shorts, which worried me. However, having taken them out on multiple rides now, there is plenty of room in the jersey to accomodate my horrible riding body english without limiting me in any way (once again and always, I am the weakest link).

    Something interesting I read on another website review said that the material wicks so well the shirt almost felt cold . . . . I would completely second that statement. This jersey will probably be my go to for hot weather rides, and i'd almost recommend an underlayer if temperatures are in the 60s or below (depending on your ride of course).

    Anyways, their pricing is certainly premium, which caused me to balk at first, but after using it firsthand for a few weeks now, I'm a pretty big fan. It's nice showing up to rides or getting a beer/meal afterwards without looking like I walked straight out Rampage (notice I used the word "walked" . . . ). Anyhow, just thought I'd highlight some alternative ridewear options for you folks. Happy trails
  • 02-25-2014

    I wasted a bunch of a salesman's time at a LBS on my winter trip so I figured I should buy something with a decent mark up for the store and got a Club Ride shirt.

    I don't recall the model name.

    Fits great. Well made. Very cool/dry while riding. Works fine with a pack. Looks decent for off bike activities.

    My only gripes are the price is high and there is a zipper behind the snaps on the shirt that is pointless. I'll be cutting it out when I am bored on a rainy day.

    I'd buy more, but $90 is steep. So I'll just grab 'em when I see a sale.
  • 02-25-2014

    BTW - if the CR price keeps you from buying Gravity Anomaly has some nice looking shirts for $55 that are made in the US and they offer free shipping. I'm going to try one as they seem like a good option at ~50% the cost of the CR stuff. I'll report back after I actually get my hands on one and ride with it a bunch.
  • 02-25-2014
    I bought a Club Ride jersey last year from the IMBA store (I got a bunch of freebies from there last year for submitting to MTBProject) for free, and it's become my favorite jersey. It was my first encounter with the brand...it's not really sold anywhere near where I live. I'd buy their stuff again. But I don't need jerseys so much this year. I do need some new shorts, though. I may consider their shorts, as the attributes you describe are some things I like about my old Pearl Izumi Titan shorts. I'm also considering some NZO shorts.
  • 02-26-2014
    I got a New West jersey for xmas this year and love it on hotter days. It will probably be my go to on those 95+ days (I'm in the LA area). The once thing I don't like about it is the 2 rear pockets are each on either side of the back. When I put my phone in it or anything heavier than a small gel, it completely pulls down on that side and is really distracting during the ride. I prefer to not wear a pack so this is rather irritating. But if they change the pocket to a central one or if their other ones have the central pocket than that's the way to go.
  • 02-27-2014
    I too just found these at a local shop. I have seen teh shirts in magazines and to be honest, the button up plaid look w/ goofy shirt pockets isn't my style at all...even if they were free. However, I tried on (3) different styles of shorts and they all fit awesome and were super comfy. Have only worn them on (1) ride but I'm sold and I'm already looking for more!!
  • 02-27-2014

    Originally Posted by captnpenguin View Post
    But if they change the pocket to a central one or if their other ones have the central pocket than that's the way to go.

    Putting something hard like a phone in a middle pocket is begging a spinal injury. I'd try to get along with the side pockets.

    I have 2 CR jerseys. I got them on clearance last fall at REI. Definitely my favorite jerseys.

    Also, my understanding with the zipper behind the buttons is to give you some control over ventilation.