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    Repairing a Endura jacket?

    So I got a small tear maybe 1/2x1/2x90degree's on the arm of my jacket. Anyway to patch this so it doesnt fray to hell and fall apart fast? Its a Endura Convert2 kinda a windbreaker type material.
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    I used tent repair material on my ripped jacket. I think it is called "tenacious tape" and I got it at REI. Several colors to choose from and it's held up very well so far.

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    On stretchy softshell material, you're going to have a hard time getting any repair to hold. I've used tenacious tape before and it works well...on non-stretchy fabrics. No idea how it will hold up in real life, but I suspect not well.

    My first thought is that you jacket is pretty much FUBAR at this point. What that means is that you can afford to try things and if they don't work, oh well.

    Being that most softshells have a microfiber inner lining, you will have to apply your repair to the exterior of the jacket. Here's what I would try first, given the problem and what I know about repairing gear.

    Get some of this:
    Seam Grip® by Gear Aid? Patches Holes, Repairs Rips. Waterproof Seam Sealer - Gear Aid
    Some tenacious tape would be good, too, but I think you'd be fine also using duct tape, since the tape will not be permanent in this case.

    Use the adhesive on the exterior of the jacket to "weld" the two sides of the tear back together. Make sure you overlap well into the good fabric so it grabs. Apply tape over the adhesive to help hold it all together. To get the rip to pinch back together, pull gently at the ends of the rip and put the tape over the top. Let it sit for a few days (the tape will cause the adhesive to take longer to dry). You might want to stuff crumpled newspaper inside the arm in the area of the repair in case some of the adhesive leaks to the inside of the jacket.

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    Iron-on hem patch, on inside of the arm fabric. Use moderate heat to thoroughly bond the separated ends back together, but be careful not to MELT the microfiber. Always use a thin cloth under the iron, like a pillowcase. If lined - you will need to break the lining to repair from inside and re-stitch.
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    You could shoe goo it. Or lightly do the edges with it so it doesn't fray. Then sew it flat and close with a curved needle not pulling the thread tight.Then smear a light coat of shoe or not. The dollar tree has small no name tubes for a buck by me that's thinner than name brand easier to do thin or small repairs with. Repair shop "or full service laundry" ask around,,they would split the lining do a tight zigzag and mend the lining. Might get it done less than 20 if you don't care about the lining being perfect.

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    Take it to a tailor and let them make the repair. Cost: $5-10

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