• 06-10-2008
    Renting bikes/armor at whistler?
    Any suggestions for renting bikes at whistler? Was going up there this weekend with friends. I was going to ride my 120mm travel Stumpjumper, but might rent some armor. My friend(s) will be renting though.

    Where's a good place to rent bikes/armor? The $99 a day rental at whistler sounds expensive...
  • 06-10-2008
    It's pretty much the same price all over, remember you are renting a $3-6k bike depending on what and where. I think alot of the shops rent, and they probably rent better quality bikes than the main place in the GLC building. i know you can rent Knollys from one place, and there's a shop that rents Rockies as well.
  • 06-11-2008
    If you're planning to ride that bike at the park there's a decent chance you'll do more damage to it than the $99 rental fee. You'll be way more comfortable on a purpose-built machine too.

    I believe armor rentals are on a per-piece schedule, maybe around $50 for everything including FF helmet?
  • 06-12-2008
    For the last 4-5 years I've rented at Fanatyk. Their A-Line (about 9" of travel) is $104 CD per day. Armor and helmet is $29 CD per day. They are located in the village.
    www.fanatykco.com 604 938-9452
    BTW, if you plan to go again in the future, I recommend you just buy your own armor. 2-3 rentals and you would have paid for your own armor.