Renting Armor in Whistler-
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    Renting Armor in Whistler

    I'm going to Whistler this summer for the first time and had a couple questions about renting armor. I noticed the website for the bike park does not have rates posted yet. So I was wondering how much does it typically cost to rent armor and what do you get. Ie shin, elbow, chest, back protection helmet?

    I've been surfing the web retailers and it seems there are some pretty good deals out there right now so I'm wondering if I should just buy it. I typically dont do much downhill so I will probably not get much use out of it beyond whistler. I would get use out of the knee and elbow pads in the future. I can get the 661 pressure suit for about $90, Knee and shin pads for about $50, elbow pads for $40 and a helmet for about $70. So thats about $250 all in. I'm interested in knowing what it would cost for a weeks rental of this stuff as a comparison.

    Lastly, what kind of condition is the rental stuff in? I assume it will have been worn many times before I get to it.

    Thanks for your help.

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    if you can buy all the gear for that price, i would...
    you don't want to put on my armour and sport my smell around, and i know the rental stuff is even worse
    plus, after you ride for a week at whis and then hit your local trails, everything will look like a booter and you'll be hitting everything and crashing more than you are now!!! you'll probably be glad to have it all when you get home.
    i don't know how much it is to rent per week but i cant see you getting all the gear for less than 100-150bucks.
    buy it in whis and get some bro points at a LBS too! you never know when you'll need a tech favor from a bike shop there.
    rip it up

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