Reevu helmets...Worth the cost?-
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    Reevu helmets...Worth the cost?

    Easy question... Are the Reevu helmets worth the cost? I've been thinking about buying one, but just don't know.


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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected]
    Easy question... Are the Reevu helmets worth the cost? I've been thinking about buying one, but just don't know.

    I assume you’re talking about the rear view helmet. It’s a relatively new product and not readily available outside <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comUK</st1:country-region> (at least it wasn’t the last time I checked). The concept seems interesting, but without having seen or worn the helmet I could give too much an opinion about it.

    There are however two things that would concern me about helmet based on the limited info on their website (which I had a hard time accessing). One is the active ventilation system, it seem like there most air is funneled thru the rear view mechanism. There are a limited number vent on the side and rear of the helmet. I wonder how cool your head really will be with most of the air running over just the top of it.

    There other is the “one size fits all” concept. I’m not a big fan of one size fits all. I’ve got a relatively extra large melon. Lot of times I have to squeeze into these “one size fit all” baseball caps. Not something I would want to do with something that suppose to protect my head.

    Also, how often do you really worry about what behind you on the trail? I could see some thing like this for the road where you have to worry about cars.

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