Recommendations for chest/rib/back body armor for XC Mtbing?-
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    Recommendations for chest/rib/back body armor for XC Mtbing?

    just took a hard fall off the MTB and broke 2 ribs. 60 years old but gonna keep riding. Looking for recommendations on body armor? Thanks!

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    I'm a little younger at 52, but had some rather nasty, unplanned off bike excursions while trying to learn to ride New England single track and associated technical trail features.

    I got one of these Alpinestar jackets to wear under my jersey:

    To be honest, I think I learned to feel when I was getting in over my head a little quicker and subsequently eject sooner, so I never actually wore this on the trail. But it felt pretty good riding around in my driveway - good freedom of movement, no binding, not too hot. It is a compression type garment, so size accordingly.

    Hope you heal up quick, broken ribs SUCK. Take care of yourself.

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    One thing you might want to try is go to Dicks or other sporting goods store and check the football section. They make compression shirts with pads that may be a cheaper option than a mtb specific garment. The shirts have maybe 1/4 inch pads built in at the ribs and shoulders and can be worn under a regular shirt.

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    I just turned 50 and while I've gone to a MET parachute FS helmet, I just can see wearing body armor for XC riding. You have to do what you need to to feel comfortable, but for anything to provide enough protection to actually help, it's going to be hot has hell to wear just XC riding.

    I do wear armor when DHing and just can't imagine wearing that for tamer rides. Having seen some of the lighter stuff, it may help with abrasions etc... but if you hit hard enough to break ribs, I doubt one of those would have helped.
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    Camelbak makes packs with built in back armour (the KUDU line). Might be an idea if you want it to be somewhat low profile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fairbanks007 View Post

    I got one of these Alpinestar jackets to wear under my jersey:
    +1 for the Alpinestar evolution or the 661 Evo protection which i currently am wearing. They are quite similar.
    661 Evo Compression Jacket - Long Sleeve 2017 | Chain Reaction Cycles

    Spine protection on motorbike level (which a can testify makes you roll really well and you standup without a scratch)soft impact protection on the ribs which means you only bruise them where you otherwise break them, and shoulderpads which are really nice when XC-ing and trying to hit the trees. yes, it is hotter. I have the short sleeve version, when it is above 16 degrees celsius i wear only this with a odlo cool shirt under it. I ride XC (not very succesfully i have to admit, bit of a midpack-hero)

    expensive though. But worth it. Also wear it skiing etc.

    whatever you do, buy something with a zipper up front. I had something cheap without a zipper, but compression style and hot and hard bits in the shirt resulted that after a 3hour ride i was kind of stuck in the shirt and could not get out myself.

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