• 09-27-2009
    Re: Shoes for clipless pedals
    Hi All. Looking for some advice from the commune. This question is esp. directed towards the peeps w/ foot issues ie flat feet/arch probs, etc... What kind of shoes do/would you suggest. Currently use an mtb shoe in the style of a road racing shoe (btms lugged instead of smooth).

    I have very flat feet needing to use supports in all shoes inc. my mtb shoes & have been having pain in the bottoms to ankle area. Been dealing w/ gout (pain/swell. inflam.) in big toe/knuckle area as well-comes-n-goes.
  • 09-27-2009
    Specialized , worth a look at they have choises in foot beds . Have you considered a foot specilist / Podiatrist ?
  • 09-27-2009
    Bontrager has a new show line that has a support insert specially made. And it is removable if you have your own orthotics.
  • 11-16-2009
    Hey ROBM,

    Any luck finding something that worked for you? Been dealing with a Gout episode myself that's kept me off the bike for 3 weeks now.

  • 11-18-2009
    Sorry for the late reply. Have recently changed my clips to platform w/ powergrips for winter riding. Shoes I'm using are hiking/trail shoes. Thinking I'll have to trash my clipless pedals/shoes & cont. w/ powergrips-been having pain in the heels as well, esp. any attempt to walk-impact of the heel on ground sends pain straight up the back of leg. Heel issues has subsided for the time being & back on the bike again, but the big toe area is still an issue even w/ the grips. Have to fool around w/em.
  • 11-19-2009
    i mtb w/new balance 749 trail runners
  • 11-22-2009
    Superfeet yellow inserts in a quality shoe with ratchet closure.
    google "superfeet yellow"
  • 11-22-2009
    My experience (having a high arch) is that standard mtb shoes...be they 100 or 300 make no difference...inserts on the other hand. The inserts (I dont know about the bontis) seem like an afterthought...certainly true with my sidis.