• 10-28-2014
    Quick 5.10 Impact review...
    Got a pair of 5.10 Impacts in from Jenson yesterday, rode with them today.

    Sizing: (This was the part I was nervous about) True to size :thumbsup:

    They are bulkier in real life than I'd imagined from web photos. Kind of a cross between a skate shoe and a cross trainer...on steroids. Sole is stiff, but not "too" stiff. I've read about people wearing them as daily kicks, not sure I'd wanna do that...but I'll break em in a little more and see.

    I'm running Race Face Aeffect pedals. The Impacts stuck to them crazy good, in a weird way almost too good. Once your foot is down...it's not moving. I had to lift my foot off the pedal, and put it back down. Again first ride in em...may figure out some finesse moves as I get used to them. Shoe was not so bulky it rubbed on crank arms, and there felt to be really good transmission of power.

    For first ride impressions:
  • 10-28-2014
    Glad you're enjoying them! You're right though, I don't know how anyone just walks in Impacts all day long. I imagine that feeling a lot like strolling around in disco shoes.
  • 10-30-2014
    Re: Quick 5.10 Impact review...
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  • 10-31-2014
  • 10-31-2014
    Walking in Impacts all day?

    They're awesome...my only complaint is that they're a *skosh* narrow in the toe box if you have wide feet.