Question about warmers-
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    Question about warmers

    the cold is been stopping me from riding... now I'm thinking of getting a leg warmer and arm warmer before i spend a lot of money doing a try and error i decided to ask first
    (i do ride Mtb and road bike... with road bike i wear ankle socks and with mtb long socks... but i do ride 90 percent MTB and road bike once in a blue moon ..)

    So what is better for the legs the long leg warmer or knee warmer... (i just don't see the point of wearing the leg warmer if you wear long socks specially for mtb but what do i know)
    Should i really look for thick warmers?
    some arm warmer have zipper are those beneficial?
    any place brand or place do you guys recommend

    side note Imma college student so i don't have all the money world to spend.. i short im cheap that's why i ask and place recommend warmers that are worth it

    thanks looking

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    I have leg warmers and knee warmers. For me...riding road...unless temps are under 45 degrees or so...knee warmers work just fine. If it's colder than that I like leg warmers. (If it's under 30 degrees I wear both).

    Hope that helps.

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    i live in southern cali .... i think it gets to mid 60s here and that's cold for us ... I think ill invest in knee wamers since it is less constrictive.

    thanks for the advice centurion

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaysix79 View Post
    i live in southern cali .... i think it gets to mid 60s here and that's cold for us ... I think ill invest in knee wamers since it is less constrictive.
    60deg F? HTFU!

    That's not cold but if you must, arm & knee warmers should keep you comfy. I've never seen ones with zippers. I use and recommend Voler warmers get on their mailing list for monthy deals. Warmers should come up soon.

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    I use Knee Warmers when it is in the 50s then switch to tights undershorts after that. Warmers in general seem to be best when you know temp wil change drastically throughout the ride.
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    do knee warmers slide down?

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    Leg warmers on the road, knee warmers on the mtb.

    Leg warmers usually have zip, but not knee or arm warmers.

    They should have some form of gripper, be it silicone etc, to stop them from sliding down.

    I haver used PI, Specialized, Endura and Tinelli. Some are thicker than others, different designs, etc.
    However, they all basically do the same job.

    At the end of the day, get what you think will work for you.

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    thanks for the input everyeone

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    For a dirt cheap, and just as good solution, cut the toes out of some warm socks. They work fine as arm warmers, and, if your legs are skinny enough, as leg warmers.

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    I like the stretchy spandex based warmers. Got a set of Gore Windstopper arm warmers and they kept sliding down. Got a set of Castelli ones and they've been awesome for 5 years running now. They're so comfortable that I'd wear them for not riding as well, but I find the grippers will start to cut into the flesh if you wear them for the entire day and develop a rash.

    Prob too much info, but the moral is, get the stretchy kind. Warmers that slide down are extremely annoying. Also don't sleep with them on or you're gonna be caught scratching your upper arms like a monkey.

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