• 11-17-2005
    A Question about Mt Bike shoes
    I recently upgraded my clipless pedals from SPD to Time, I like the new pedals but where they require more force to unclip I am wondering if new shoes with a stiff sole would be of assistance in this regard. I am currently using a pair of Specilaized Rock hoppers they fit good and are comfortable but I am thinking a stiffer shoe would release better. The rock hopper has a flexable sole and are pretty much like sneakers for walking around in.
    I'm debating on weather to upgrade this year or to get a few more years out of the current shoes. Will a stiffer shoe make a big diference in how well the clipless release?
  • 11-17-2005
    Yes, stiffer soles will help.

    You can also try setting the cleat rotation (position on the shoe) so you do not have to twist your foot as much to release.