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    A question about Armor

    So i'm looking into getting some new armor and had been pretty set on the rockgarden flakjacket. But really, i only use it for whistler trips, of which i'll be making 3 this season. I've found that i ride a lot smoother and just better without my armor on around here, but i'm not about to take 3 days of lift riding without something coverin' the bod.

    So here's my question.

    Anyone use the Trail star body armor from rock Garden? My thought is to get that and a set of six six one chicken wings to use for whistler since it would be lighter and less constricting. I just don't want to lose too much of the protection. I'd also like to hear from flak-jacket users what they think of the armor as far as movement goes as well.

    i currently have an old pressure suit (the red one) and it just fits horribly. I'm a big guy (6'1, 220) so i need something that will fit, but not have 8 foot long monkey arms like my pressure suit does. THe chest plate flops all over and the bicep pads a big and don't fit right...

    anyway, i'd appreciate anyones feedback or thoughts on other options. I'd like to stay in the 100-150$ range.


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    body armor

    my dad got the sette body armor from price point for 90 bucks. he used a under armor type shirt underneath the armor and said it was very comfortable after the first day. it was in the eightys at NORTHSTAR and he said he didn't get two hot. He has skin cancer ...so he takes his helmut off and puts on a wide brim hat to ride the lifts. the reason why im bringing this up is because his only complaint with the body suit is it does get restrictive in the arms and arm pits when putting your helmut and goggles on!

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    Good job! Flak Jacket

    Quote Originally Posted by yomattyo
    ......I'd also like to hear from flak-jacket users what they think of the armor as far as movement goes as well.......

    Hi Mr. Yo,

    I use the Flak Jacket w/an under Armor shirt and Race Face elbow pads as I don't like the RockGardn elbow pads. I don't experience any loss of movement while on the bike. The jacket only feels restrictive when I first put it on in the parking lot. Once on the bike it I don't notice it at all except for the heat if I had to peddle. Of course on those moments when I kissed the dirt I loved it!

    Take care,

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