Hi guys,

I have Prophet with FSA K-Force MegaExo crankset and Crank Brothers Candy SL pedals. I use Shimano shoes and I've been happy with them.

However, I was looking forward to drive another style with this bike, therefore I've bought Cannondale Men's Roam boots too. And there seems to be a serious problem recently.

If I put Crank Brothers cleats on them, the boot will be too wide (or Candy pedal is too narrow, it's the point of view indeed). Men's Roam are said to be compatible with all 2 bolt pedal systems, so I don't know whether there's problem with the FSA crankset (with a strange shape of the cranks) or the Candy's springs are too near to it because of the short spindle.

Any idea?

I've been thinking I should change the pedals... which I don't want in fact, honestly said I like the Candys. However, maybe Shimano PD-M545 were good. Or changing the pedals...? Have two sets of them...? Like CB Candy and 5050 for instance?

Nevertheless, I've realised that Cannondale puts Shimano PD-M520 pedals on Prophets already... are they supposed to be somehow wider?

Thanks in advance for any advise.